Chair Hire Quote

Any social event, let it be a wedding, a conference, a corporate meeting, workshops or even school functions, they require proper seating arrangement and a lot of care is taken to ensure that the number of people never exceed the number of chairs present at an event. Such situations can land the hosts in a very tight spot and lead to embarrassing consequences. Therefore, estimating the number of guests expected at any event is one of the most, if not the most important factor to be taken care of while organizing an event. Renting chairs for an event though, is only the beginning. One also has the option of hiring chair covers along with the chair for enhancing the aesthetics of the event which is entirely the choice of the hosts. Covering chairs at events not only greatly improves the look of the event but also hides the wear and tear of the chairs which have been used before.

Companies submit chair hire quotes for orders ranging from as little as 50 chairs to as much as 50,000 chairs. Though most companies have a pre determined limit below which they don't entertain chair hire quotes, there are a few companies which also cater do demands which require the hiring of a single chair. In the UK, some companies which offer these services are;,, and amongst others.

Organizers of the events which require the assistance of chair hire companies need to first understand the event in great detail and only then are they able to submit a quote. Chair hire quotes are a tricky business, because for one you never are sure as to how many guests are going to show up. Therefore there is always guesswork involved on the part of the hosts and the same is submitted to the chair hire companies. After the number of chairs needed have been to a great extent decided, the next step is to determine the type of chairs. The chair hire quotes vary from chair to chair, for example the prices of wedding chairs, banquet chairs, corporate chairs and exhibition chairs are all very different from each other. There are chairs where a hundred pieces are available for as less as 100 pounds and there are chairs which cost in excess of 1800 pounds for a hundred pieces. Therefore the two main factors which influence the chair hire quotes are the number of chairs and the type of chairs which are required. Apart from the two, a number of other factors decide the chair hire quote. The more reputed and established the company is, the more expensive it would be to avail of their services. Also we have discussed above the importance of chair seat covers. Companies which offer these at reasonable rates do much more business because people have realized the importance of aesthetics. Thus, chair hire quote is largely influenced by the rate at which chair covers and other trivial services like transport are provided to the customers.

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