Deck chair hire

Deck chairs are folding chairs, they will usually comprise of a basic frame, of either wood, industrial plastic, or light weight steel or aluminium. The back rest and seat are usually made from vinyl or fabrics such as canvas or heavy cotton.

Deck chairs are the epitome of leisure and relaxation, they were originally designed for use on cruise ships, and this is where the name originates from as they wee designed for ships decks.

When planning that special event use deck hair hire

If you are planning an out door function, but are uncertain about what seating arrangements to make, deck chair hire may be just the thin you are looking for. Deck chairs come in a variety of materials and colours, so, you are bound to find seating that will match your theme and colour scheme.

Besides creating a certain relaxed ambiance, deck chairs offer other, very practical benefits. Deckchairs are extremely light weight, they can be folded up and stored very easily and although they may look rickety, they are surprisingly durable. Resistant to rain damage and sun damage, they are the perfect chair for any outside event.

What type of functions would deck chair hire be suited for?

Outdoor weddings and funerals, themed functions, sports events and also music events or outdoor plays.

How much can I expect to pay for deck chair hire?

The cost of deck chair hire is far less than you may expect to pay, on average you could find chairs to rent for between £1.00 to about £4.00 per chair per day.

There is however different deals and specials you can benefit from, some companies offer bulk discounts on certain quantities hired, for example, you could pay £4.00 for one chair per day, however, you could get a set rate of £250.00 for 100 chairs per day. The longer you plan on hiring the chairs, the lower the price may be still.

If you own a business where you plan on using deck chairs for an extended period of time, you will find companies out there willing to supply you with chairs over a long term lease or short term lease agreement.

What about deck chair hire within the UK?

There are hundreds of companies dealing in the hire of furniture for events and functions. Most companies are listed on the internet, local papers and classifieds, but because of the vast amount of companies dealing in furniture hire often you will be spoilt for choice. The hardest part will be choosing one.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on which company to use. Reputation is important, follow up on referrals.

The last thing you want is to be left in the lurch on the day of your function. You should make sure that the price of delivery is included in the final quote. Make sure you find a company in your area, as the price of delivery will most likely decrease. Never settle for the first quote you are offered. Do your research and be patient.

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