Chair Hire

There are many occasions that require you to entertain many people at the same time. This can include engagement parties, New Year's parties, birthdays, housewarming ceremonies, graduation parties and many more. If you are in the UK and having an event that welcomes quite a number of people, then hiring furniture becomes extremely important. There are many companies in the UK that offer furniture for hire. A major part of their services includes chair hire.

The Importance of Having Seating

Whether you have a small event at home or a general meeting at your office, chairs are important for the audience that is being addressed. Seating arrangements for an audience is one thing and having comfortable seating is quite another. However, price is also a factor that needs attention. So, if you are looking to hire chairs then the comfort and convenience must find a balance with the monetary expense. Below are some of the top chair hire companies in the UK is one of the renowned companies in the UK. The company is based in Hertfordshire and offers exemplary services in London, Manchester and many other prominent cities in the UK. They are specialists when it comes to chair hire and provide many chairs including but not limited to office chairs, bar stools, outdoor seating, sofa seating and banquet chairs. One of their best lines is the foldable chairs that can be hired for a reasonable cost. The company also offers a discount for large numbers that are ordered. The foldable, also known as stackable, chairs are extremely durable with a rugged look. These chairs provide the basic necessity and comfort required for a chair. Available in many colours, is your answer to hiring chairs of any kind for any occasion. Their service is remarkable and is sure to impress you.

Capital Hire

Another company in the UK that has made a mark with customers flooding in to avail their chair hire services is Capital Hire. Capital Hire is located in London but has adequate warehouses to serve customers located all over the UK. Unlike many other chair hire companies, Capital Hire offers a three day service from the day they rent out. This is a unique feature that helps clients plan their events in the most appropriate manner possible. Their rates are also quite reasonable and affordable to a large extent, and perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why clients keep returning to them.

Capital Hire offers massive discounts all year round and their discount rates go as high as 40%. One of their best hired chairs is the MB1 banquet chair. These chairs are built with customer comfort in mind and are made of a steel frame with a seat that is placed on a wooden base. It is a great utility chair irrespective of the fact that many companies prefer more comfortable and good looking chairs. These are pretty economical and are great value for money no matter the place and event.

The Hire Business

The furniture business in the UK is large, and with more and more people having reasons to celebrate and share, the chair hire business seems to have no limits. The Hire Business is a London based British company which specialises in renting chairs for just about every occasion under the sun. They are great at sourcing exactly the kind of chair you have in mind.

If you have an event that is more in the line of academics or have students or educators invited to the event then perhaps their Writing Tablet Lecture Chair is the perfect match. The chairs are simple and practical and have a sensible design. These chairs are extremely comfortable and come in colours such as blue, grey and black. Irrespective of the colour, you are bound to be happy with the build and design of these chairs. For more personal occasions such as a marriage or an engagement party in the garden or by the beach in Swansea, you are better off hiring wedding chairs from The Hire Business. Their chairs are made for these events and have a unique design that takes you back to the 80s. With gold, silver and black acrylic as their cover colour, you are bound to be speechless when you hire them.

Funky Hire Furniture

Funky Hire Furniture is a brick and mortar store offering chair hire with a difference – their chairs come from a non conventional school of thought. Their designs are comfortable and the chairs that they offer are pretty unique and rare to a large extent. Perhaps their name says it all. Their chairs are good enough for outdoor garden BBQ parties or even ladies home gardening parties, but they are not limited to that. Their collection for official parties and gatherings such as meetings, corporate parties and exhibitions are equally great and also reasonable.

Allen's Furniture Hire

Chair hire becomes crucial when the numbers of attendees are large in number. A large number of attendees will mean one thing very clearly – the event is big and important. This means that you cannot leave anything to chance and that everything must be well organised and coordinated in advance. For many bigger and larger events, you will need someone who has the chairs and the expertise to handle the pressure of the moment. The Allen's Furniture Hire company takes this a step further and they also provide cutlery which is both extraordinary and affordable. With arrangements that are beyond the core duties of the event such as the themes to the sparkling glasses, Allen's is a great company to contact. They are arguably one of the best in the industry and can be trusted with all your catering needs.

Comfort has always been of prime importance when it comes to seating, so you will need to do a bit of homework before selecting a company for chair hire. It is important to strike a deal at least two days before the event in case of any postponing that may happen. Also, the quality of the chairs and the correct number of chairs plays a vital role and this will need to be discussed with your hire company.

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