Plastic Chairs for Hire

If you are planning an outdoor event be it a work function, children's party, or even a dog or pony show. The most affordable option when it comes to seating arrangements is plastic chair hire. Perhaps you own your own day care centre or outdoor garden restaurant; plastic chair hire could save you money.

What are the advantages of plastic chair hire?

  • When it comes to outdoor seating at an affordable price, plastic chair hire is your best bet. Most companies specialising in chair and furniture hire will have plastic garden chairs on offer.
  • Most furniture rental companies offer the plastic chairs in two colours, white and green, if however, you require different colours for any other colour scheme you may have in mind, there is always the option of using plastic chair, fabric covers.
  • Plastic chairs are light weight, and can be easily stored; they are very durable and won't get damaged by water and sun exposure.
  • Most companies will be able to offer you a choice of two chairs, namely the plastic garden chair or the plastic bistro chair. The bistro chair has a higher back and may be more suitable for an out door banquet.
  • Plastic chairs are made from recycled plastic, once they have served there purpose, they can then be recycled again, by choosing to us plastic chair hire, you will be helping to contribute to a healthier planet.

What are the costs involved when choosing plastic chair hire?

Plastic chairs are by far cheaper than other outdoor banquet chairs, on average you can expect to pay about £5.00 per banquet chair per one hundred chairs. Plastic chairs could cost you as little as £1.50 - £3.00 per chair.

For those of you who are considering plastic chairs for your places of business, then the rewards can be greater than you imagined. Most would think it would work out more expensive to lease furniture for your business in the long run, but the opposite is true. By making use of a long term lease, you will be able to claim deductions in corporations tax, as the furniture will then be considered a business expense.

All in all, it is a wise decision to consider as many quotes as you possibly can, when reviewing the quotes always check if the cost of delivery and collection are included in the final price.

Where will you find businesses that specialise in plastic chair hire?

You will find the information you require from telephone directories, classifieds, newspapers and of course the internet. Furniture hire companies are thriving; it should not be too challenging finding one close to the area in which you reside. Most businesses today have websites, you can view the products, make decisions based on availability of the merchandise, and you can get many different quotes from different companies.

Because there are so many chair hire companies out there, you will have to do your research, but with a little tenacity and patience, you are sure to find the right deal for you.

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