Chair Hire for Banquets

Planning large events and functions can be very stressful, you might be an event planner, or maybe your event is a one time only function like a fiftieth wedding anniversary. You have your mind set on throwing a banquet fit for royalty. In order to accomplish this, you will need to set the right mood. Banquet chair hire may be your best option.

Why rental is the best idea for you

By making use of a business specialising in banquet chair hire, you will have access to a great variety of resources which will make the organising of your banquet all that much less strenuous.

  • Companies specialising in banquet chair hire will have a great amount of stock available to your disposal, when you are throwing a large event, this aspect becomes crucial as you need to make sure that all the seats are the same in type, form and colour.

  • Banquet chair hire specialists will be able to offer you the banquet chairs at prices that should be able to suit your pocket.

    Most chair hire companies have different specials and deals running on certain chairs, you could pay as little as £4:00 for one banquet chair per day, or £99.00 for 150 chairs per day, often the daily rate will decrease the longer you keep the chairs. Some companies will also offer greater discounts if you use them for all your décor needs.

  • Banquet chair hire businesses offer transportation services, they will deliver the chairs to the venue and collect them once you the event is complete, this saves you the added hassle of having to organise transportation for the seating.

What types of banquet chairs should you use?

There are many different types of banquet chairs that you can chose from, the most important factors to consider, when making your decision are, price, availability, is the chair hire specialist in your area, and lastly, what type of atmosphere do you want to create?

  • Price will always be the major deciding factor when deciding on décor for your event, it governs nearly every choice we make, but with such a vast choice of companies and chairs, you don't have to rob a bank to throw an elegant banquet.

  • Availability, uniformity is of the utmost importance when throwing an event, all the chairs and décor must match.

  • With so many chair hire specialist in operation today, there is bound to be one in your area. You can find them in the business sections in your local new paper, the telephone directory, and on the internet.

  • The atmosphere that you create will be what everyone remembers for years to come, there is no right or wrong way of going about it, but you need to pick a certain style and commit to it through out the event. Therefore, if you decide on wooden Chiavari or Tiffany chairs, then the tables need to match them in style and in substance.
With so many options available to you, you don't have to worry about the décor for your event, get in contact with a banquet chair hire company and let them help you.

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