Chair Hire for Parties

Whether the party you are planning is a formal or an informal event, perhaps it is a corporate function, an office party, or a special occasion. The fact is, you will need to, at some stage in the planning process, organise decorations. In this article we will highlight certain aspects of party chair hire, so that you can make a more informed decision.

Why make use of party chair hire?

Firstly, unless you plan on opening your own furniture rental company, the cost of purchasing chairs will be astronomical, and completely impractical. By making use of a business specialising in party chair hire, you will be saving yourself a lot of money.

Party chair hire companies are professionals in the event planning business, many of these businesses have years of experience, by tapping into there experience, you could save yourself a lot of time, effort and stress.

With large variety of stock to chose from, party chair hire companies will have the right chair you are looking for to match the theme of your event. Be it an out door function where you require wooden fold away chairs or a more formal banquet where you may require something a bit more elegant.

Businesses working in the party chair hire industry will be able to deliver and collect the chairs and other decorations you may desire on the day of your function, and collect it the next day, or when ever you choose.

Party chair hire, what are the costs involved?

The final price that you end up paying should include the price of the chairs, tables and any other décor you may have decided on, I should also include delivery and collection costs and vat.

The price of the décor will be dependant on a variety of factors including the type of function the size of the event, and the duration of the event. The average starting price of chairs can be as little as 40p for a plastic stack chair per day, an average price for a banqueting chair could be as much as £7.00 per chair per day.

The prices will also vary according to the company you chose to supply chairs and décor to your event. Some companies will specialise in out door seating and functions, while others will focus on indoor events such as banquets.

Are there ways to save money?

  • Find a party chair hire specialist near you; this should decrease the price of delivery.
  • Try to make use of any specials that may be on promotion at the time.
  • Usually, the price per chair will decrease if you decide to hire out above a certain amount of chairs.
  • Chair hire specialists usually cater for many aspects of events offering not just tables and chairs, but linen, cutlery, crockery, and in some cases, lighting and sound. If you do require all of these for your function, it may work out cheaper getting them from one place.
You can find party chair hire companies close to you on the internet and in local papers and classifieds.

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