Folding chairs for hire

Whether you are planning an indoor dinner or function, or an out door event, no chair is more versatile in use and durable than the folding chair. Because of its dexterity and versatility, this one chair may be all you need to host a conference and banquet. Thereby saving you space and money.

What makes folding chair hire so unique?

The uniqueness of folding chairs of course. No matter what type of event you are planning, and no matter what the venue, folding chairs are the most logical choice. Weighing between three and five kilograms, they are easy to manoeuvre as you see fit. Folding chairs generally rotate at the seat or underneath the seat, this allows for easy storage in smaller spaces.

Folding chairs come in a variety of different materials, you could choose wooden folding chairs if you want to create a rustic feeling for your event. If you are holding a conference, then light weight aluminium or recycled plastic folding chairs may be a preferred option. For a more classy movie star type of atmosphere you could decide to use wrought iron folding chairs.

Worried that the folding may not be as elegant as other options? No need to worry, most companies dealing with folding chair hire, also offer folding chair covers in a variety of colours and styles.

How much will folding chair hire cost me?

Prices for folding chairs will vary greatly according to a number of factors, the type of chair, and the specific folding chair hire specialist you decide to use will all play a part in the final price. Folding chairs traditionally come in three different price ranges. Prices are governed by the materials used to create the chair.

Working on a smaller budget

The cheapest chairs are usually made of light weight aluminium or steal tubing, the seats and back rest are usually made from plastic, these chairs offer good value for money and can be used for school events or other community events.

The middle range is typified by the use of more robust materials like wood, seating will often not be cushioned however. These chairs could be quiet useful in out door events like outdoor weddings or funerals.

Have some extra money to spend?

The more expensive chairs will usually be made from wood or wrought iron, the seats and backings will often be cushioned with a plastic coated material, thereby allowing for use outside. These chairs are versatile in that they are durable enough to use outside and yet elegant enough to use in a banquet type setting.

The price for folding chair hire starts at around £99.00 for 100 chairs for the most basic plastic aluminium chairs. But prices will vary according to the type and quantity.

The best thing to do is make contact with a variety of companies specialising in folding chair hire. You can find them on the internet, in the local papers, or the telephone directory. Get a variety of quotes and do your research. With so many different businesses specialising in folding chair hire out there, you are bound to find one who suites you without to much hassle.

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