Gold chair hire

Are you currently in the process of planning a banquet or function but are uncertain about the theme? Do you have a theme in mind but are uncertain about the décor? If you have a love for decorations and events that are truly fit for royalty, then gold chair hire and the matching decorations are for you.

Why make use of gold chair hire?

Traditionally, gold banqueting chairs have been the most popular choice when it comes to formal events and functions, as well as weddings. The chairs frames are gold gilded, but one will usually have an option of seating and backing colours, the most popular colours being green, red and blue.

Now days one will also have the additional option of making use of chair cover, these too come in a great variety of colours and styles.

Gold chair hire creates an atmosphere of wealth an luxury, they add a certain amount of class and style to just about any event. And with the option of red blue and green cushion colours, one is not limited to one specific colour theme.

How much will gold chair hire cost?

The prices for gold banquet chairs are not as expensive as you may think. Prices will vary between different furniture rental companies, and also between the types of chairs you decide on using, for a gold Cheltenham banquet chair, you can expect to pay approximately £5.00 per chair per day. For a golden Chiavari chairs you are looking at prices between £6.00 and £7.00 per chair per day.

Prices can be reduced however, usually companies will decrease the price for a single unit should you require more than a certain amount of chairs. Thus you could pay as little as £4.00 for gold Chiavari chairs should you decide to take more than one hundred.

Prices can also be reduced should you require the chairs for longer periods than for one day. When one makes use of gold chair hire companies, you should always make sure that the price of delivery is included in there final quote.

The best option to look for is a set option, by deciding to use one companies chairs, tables, tableware, eating utensils, table cloths and other decorations, you will undoubtedly be saving money. Some companies will even be able to provide you with sound and lighting for your event.

Where will you find companies specialising in gold chair hire?

Most event furniture rental companies in existence today will have fully operational websites. Most of these companies will showcase there stock and the prices for there rentals. If you do not however have aces to the internet, you could always find them in your local telephone directory, newspaper or town classifieds.

Competition in the event furniture rental business is fierce, with so many companies competing for market share, it is important to conduct some thorough research before you commit to one company. It is advisable to follow up some referrals from previous clients, and to also view as many different quotes as possible.

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