Throne Hire

The throne is the most important piece of furniture in a wedding, or any gathering involving guests of honour. It is the location at which most eyes will be concentrating on during the entire course of the gathering. And with the most noticed piece of furniture we wouldn't like to make a mistake, would we?

The throne should like what the word suggests; something majestic and powerful which gives the person seated on it the coveted position of highest importance during the event. It should be a part of the surrounding, yet stand out. It shouldn't be too loud in its design yet it shouldn't be something as simple as the rest of the furniture. The throne at an event has to be chosen with utmost care.

Generally what happens is most of these rental service providers usually have a few pieces of similar design which they rent out to most gatherings, irrespective of whether it goes with the theme of that gathering or not because after all it is the throne and it should stand out. Having a variety in thrones would not really work out that well either as the throne is usually hired in very small numbers from a single piece or two (for a wedding or a honouring party) or maybe around five to six when there are a few guests on the dais.

But luckily there are rental services available for thrones which are a little different from the usual one's and are not as battered and over used as the rest. These thrones come with ornate frames and high back rests. The frames could be in silver or gold or any colour bling to add that glamour to the person sitting on it. These gold and silver thrones are mainly for the wedding couple or in an honouring ceremony. But they would not suit as well for an official gathering. It could be quite uncomfortable to have the guest of honour sit in a gold or silver framed throne, probably flashy red in colour while he is surrounded by professionals in browns, blues and blacks.

For such gatherings there are thrones without gold and silver frames but still stand out on the stage. They come in more sober colours that would go with business gatherings.

While the wedding couple or the guest of honour remain seated in the best chair and have everyone staring at them, it can turn out to be a little uncomfortable. Now if the throne itself is uncomfortable in the first place then things can take an ugly turn. You wouldn't want to be planning an event where the person seated on the throne is shifting and fidgeting continuously in their seat and unable to enjoy the occasion where he or she is of prime importance.

Therefore it is better to hire a good throne which is comfortable and goes well with the surroundings, hasn't been around too long in the rental industry that you can make out exactly the number people who have sat on it, or with threads coming out from all edges. So make you look up properly online and hire the best throne there is.

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