Wooden Chair Hire

You might be a professional events coordinator, or you could be planning a special event for a family member. Maybe you are planning a charity event or perhaps a fund raiser, or maybe you are in need of new board room furniture?

No matter what your individual needs may be, seating will be a requirement. There are so many different types of chairs to choose from, but if you want to create the right atmosphere with a good quality product, then wooden chair hire is your only option.

Why is wooden chair hire a great choice?

When I comes to displaying quality and workmanship, you cant go wrong with wooden chair hire, wooden banquet chairs are beautiful to behold. But what are the practical benefits of wooden chair hire?

  • With wooden chairs you will be spoilt for choice, wooden chairs come in wide range of designs, colours and finishes. You can choose from white lime washing, natural wood or even gold or silver epoxy coatings for that rich aristocratic feel.
  • Wooden chairs are much lighter than there resin counter parts, resin banquet chairs will also have a more synthetic look, this will undoubtedly detract from the classy atmosphere you will be trying to create.
  • Wooden chairs are more durable and less prone to breakages than resin chairs. Although resin chairs may seem tougher, this is only an illusion, resin chairs encapsulate a steal frame, often the resin breaks off this frame, especially during transportation.
  • Wooden chairs are more beautiful than metal chairs, more intricate details can be captured on natural wood than on cold metal.
  • Resin chairs build up static electricity, thereby attracting dust.
  • Wooden chairs are often formed using steam the gentile curves that are created tend to offer a more comfortable seating experience.

Can I expect high costs involved with wooden chair hire?

The price of hiring wooden chairs for functions varies according to type and according to the different companies who offer them. You can expect to pay an average price of about £4.00 per wooden chair, but with a little exploration, you may find a better deal.

In the board room, nothing looks better than wooden chairs, it creates a neutral, warm and majestic atmosphere. Hiring office furniture does not have to prove expensive though.

With along term rental agreement, you will be entitled to benefits you may not have ever considered. You will be able to pay VAT on each separate rental as opposed to when you buy the chairs. You will also be able to consider the price of the rentals when drawing up the companies annual disbursement account.

Where will I find wooden chair hire businesses

There are a variety of places you can start your search, you can find listings in the telephone directory, in local news papers and advertising. The best source however remains the internet. You will have access to hundreds of companies, and will quite easily be able to find a chair hire business in your area.

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