Vintage Chair Hire

Are you in search for focal point for your designer event or function, a piece of furniture that will take your guests breaths away? Perhaps you are shooting an advertisement or music video, or maybe you are in search for props to use in a stage production.

There are many likely scenarios one can imagine, but when one is need of vintage chairs, the best option for you to consider is vintage chair hire.

A touch of class with vintage chair hire

No matter what the purpose, when you decide to use vintage furniture in your event, you are adding a touch of class and style that will be remembered by your guests. You could use vintage furniture for the following instances.

  • Weddings, focal points and part of the decorations, wonderful ideas for wedding photography, especially if you have a themed wedding.
  • Television advertisements, music videos, stage sets, and for film props.
  • Adding to the atmosphere of any themed banquet or other themed events.
  • For the use in an offices reception area, some companies will be willing to offer vintage chairs for hire over a long period, with the option to purchase.

What are the costs involved with vintage chair hire?

The final costs for renting vintage furniture and chairs will usually include the cost of delivery, the price for the rental of the furniture, VAT. Costs will however vary greatly. Prices will be dependant on the company you decide to use, the type of chairs you have in mind, the quantity of chairs and accessories you are planning on renting, and the length of time you plan on renting the furniture for.

You could rent vintage chairs and furniture for your office by making use of a long term lease agreement; this will be less expensive than renting the items per day. If you use the vintage furniture for stage productions or as film props the cost will most likely be less than if you decide to use it for just one night for an event.

The fact is, there are numerous factors involved when considering vintage chair hire.

Unlike ordinary chairs used for functions and events, vintage chairs do not come in great quantities, nor do they all have set prices. Prices will most likely be determined by the age and rarity of the furniture. It is best to contact a specialist in vintage chair hire personally.

Where can I find vintage chair hire suppliers?

You can find companies specialising in vintage chair hire in newspapers and industry specific magazines dealing with events and the film and photography industry. You may be able to find information and contact details in classifieds, but the best place to find information is on the internet.

There are various websites dedicated to companies specialising in vintage chair hire, you will be able to view there stock and should be able to contact them through there websites. Never settle on the first price you may be quoted, take your time and do your research, the best deal may be just around the corner.

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