School chair hire

School chairs, though the name automatically implies that these chairs are used only in schools, so is not the case. These chairs are very practical because these are one of the easiest chairs to transport and stack, thus making it feasible for the school chair hire companies, and because hiring school chairs is not a very expensive option, it is used quite a lot in municipal and local events. Though, the school chair is the most commonly found in colleges and lectures, and it is here that they are mostly used, their use is not limited only to be used here but in a range of other events where there are budgetary constraints. One might wonder, what is characteristic to these chairs which make them so vey feasible for use in schools and colleges? The major characteristic feature is the material that they are made of which is very strong and sturdy thus allowing a little room for manhandling which is bound to happen when used in the vicinity of school children.

Though all schools have the sufficient amount of school chairs in respect to the students, sometimes the need arises which prompt the schools to avail of school chair hire services. This need may arise due to a annual event like the annual day or sports day or may also be something which doesn't happen on a regular basis like a out of city symposium which results in a number of students flocking to the school all from different schools. School chairs are hired for events such as short term classes, workshops, exams, student orientation programs and many such events which involve a faction of students. Though school chairs are manufactured keeping the student population in mind they are not totally restricted to be used only by them. A lot of companies also hire lecture seats during recruitment and selection, during employee induction programs and also during educational programs. As a result, lecture seating is used in a wide variety of events ranging from exams to induction programs.

School chairs are available like we know them, however there also special types of school hairs which have writing tablet attached to them. But hiring these school chairs with the writing tablet is a little more expensive than hiring school chairs without the writing tablet because they are cheaper to buy in the first place. The hire companies offer both these types of chairs and it is totally up to customer to decide as to which one he prefers.

There are a number of models available in the market which the consumer can choose from. The most commonly hired chairs are the Virco SO 9000 series school chairs and the scholar craft accolade polypropylene stack chair. These chairs are available for hire at a cost of about $125 to $150 for a hundred pieces. But the S001t Lecture chair with writing tablet and the CF009 are the most commonly used school chair with the writing tablet attached. The cost of hiring these is about $200 for 100 chairs. The amount is subject to change depending on the number of chairs ordered and also depending on the availability of such chairs in the market at that point of time.

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